Latin America’s fastest growing hotel brand chooses Hotelbeds to distribute globally

Latin America’s fastest growing hotel brand chooses Hotelbeds to distribute globally
Nov.11, 2019
by Hotelbeds

Recently we announced a strategic alliance with Selina, one of the fastest growing hotel brands in the world – with over 52 properties located across Latin America and additionally some in Europe. 

The strategic agreement gives Selina access to Hotelbeds’ large high-value distribution network made up of more than 60,000 travel agents, airlines, tour operators and loyalty programs in more than 140 source markets worldwide.

Such B2B buyers will provide Selina with incremental reservations of non-domestic and even long-haul bookings, offering guests that  book further in advance, cancel less, stay longer, spend more at the hotel and come back more often.

Selina will distribute its hotel rooms through the two distribution channels of Hotelbeds, all under the same contract: the wholesale channel that operates under the name 'Hotelbeds', and the retail channel, which operates under the name 'Bedsonline’ and focuses solely on travel advisors.

Selina’s Global Head of Sales Felipe Muñoz spoke about the agreement: “This alliance is very important for Selina as thanks to Hotelbeds we can have access to one of the largest B2B distribution networks, including both wholesale and retail, in the world – and through this we can make our innovative concept known to more people."

Whilst Matias Elisavetsky, our Regional Director of Sourcing for Hotelbeds in Americas, added: “Selina is one of the fastest growing hotel chains in Latin America, with plans to further expand its reach and become known not only in Latin America, but also the United States, Asia, and Europe. This is why we feel very privileged to work with them. Selina represents a new offer for our more than 60,000 travel buyers, made up of retail travel agents, airlines, loyalty programs and tour operators, which means that our distribution channel adapts perfectly to their needs.”

Selina plans to open more than 35 locations in 2019, including upcoming openings in the United States, United Kingdom, Portugal, Greece, Germany, Chile, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina; and by 2023 the chain expects to have more than 130,000 beds in more than 400 locations around the world – all distributing via Hotelbeds’ B2B network.

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