Doubling of non-domestic reservations in North America

Doubling of non-domestic reservations in North America
Nov.11, 2019
by Hotelbeds

Following a recent analysis of the value we bring to North American hoteliers, we are pleased to confirm that over the last two years we have doubled the proportion of non-domestic source market reservations. 

Around 60% of bookings that we offer to North American hotels are now non-domestic and of those up to 80% are from long-haul source markets – defined as markets that require a minimum flight of seven hours.

Long-haul bookings are particularly valued by hoteliers as such travellers stay for a much higher than average number of nights and overall make up 84% of international tourism spend in the United States, despite representing less than half of all arrivals.

This growth in long-haul tourists reserving North American hotels via Hotelbeds can be mainly attributed to us gaining a 62% year-on-year increase in reservations from Chinese tourists. China now ranks as Hotelbeds’ fourth largest source market to North America and its importance is growing rapidly.  

Talking about this news our Managing Director, Carlos Muñoz, commented: “Guests travelling from non-domestic source markets compliment the hotel’s current distribution mix with customers whom they aren’t currently able to access easily; what’s more, our channel provides them with guests that typically pay a higher rate, cancel less, stay for longer, spend more at the hotel and come back more often  – because bookings from B2B travel intermediaries such as tour operators, retail travel agents, airline websites and loyalty and point redemption partners all provide much higher-value reservations. In fact, long-haul travellers typically stay even longer and spend much more at the hotel and destination.”   

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