Staying power: helping you track down long-stay guests

Staying power: helping you track down long-stay guests
Dec.18, 2019
by Hotelbeds

Everyone wants guests that stay for longer. But how do you find them? The answer lays in attracting non-domestic and long-haul guests as they often stay for much longer periods. 

Drawing on our network of over 60,000 travel trade buyers around the world – including tour operators, travel agents, airlines and points redemption schemes – at Hotelbeds we are experts in helping hotels to find just such guests.

In fact, recently we confirmed that currently over 50% of our bookings are for four or more nights. Even more importantly, 24% stay seven nights or more!

This is because at a global level, over 60% of bookings made via Hotelbeds are derived from non-domestic source markets, with some high-demand destinations registering a much greater percentage of international guests.   

Reservations via B2B travel buyers tend to offer – in addition to non-domestic and long-haul travellers, who stay for longer – guests who book further in advance, cancel less, and spend more in destination.

To find out more about how to attract more long-staying guests contact your contracting manager today. 

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