Rising to the challenge: increased operational resources for you

Rising to the challenge: increased operational resources for you
Apr.21, 2020
by Hotelbeds

Needless to say, right now, we are experiencing very high levels of activity in our operations centres all around the world.

To respond to this, you can be very confident that our call centre and global financial services teams across the globe are working day-and-night on your behalf.

Nonetheless we are pleased to confirm that – despite the additional pressure – we are managing to maintain the same high levels of service.

How are we so sure? Our satisfaction scores in the call centres have remained high. How have we done this? Firstly, right away we put in place additional staff and extra shifts to cope with the increased demand.

This was possible because our call centre and operations teams are in-house; it was also possible because they are based in multiple offices and time-zones around the world. Both these points mean that we have the capacity to offer you the increased 24/7 service needed.

Secondly we have drawn on our propriety IT platform, automated services and operational experience to streamline processes and prioritise resources. This has meant that we’ve been able to resolve many issues – both with clients and with hoteliers – without the need to speak by telephone.

For any further updates on what we are doing operationally – including details about our global force majeure or destinations that have been closed by governments – remember that you can find all the latest information on our dedicated COVID-19 website.

If you´d like to find out more information about what we are doing to support your hotel through these challenging times, don´t hesitate to contact your contracting manager.

And always keep in mind too that you can modify or cancel bookings via MaxiRoom – so there is no need to contact the call centre to do this.

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