How to gain loyalty bookings without running a loyalty programme

How to gain loyalty bookings without running a loyalty programme
Jan.28, 2020
by Hotelbeds

Contrary to popular belief, you don´t need your own loyalty programme to attract loyalty bookings! Independent points redemption, employee benefits and loyalty programmes are big B2B buyers of hotel accommodation.
What are the benefits of guests from such channels? Many of the reservations are generated from long-haul markets and these on average book further in advance, pay higher rates, cancel less, stay longer, spend more in destination and return more often.

Such programmes form a big part of our Hotelbeds commitment to provide hotel partners with high-value, incremental bookings. Already we have over 50 such existing clients, many of them in the North American market. And there are many more in the pipeline!

Just recently we’ve begun working with DOTZ, the leading Brazilian points redemption programme that is part of the Canadian group LoyaltyOne. As part of the agreement Dotz’s 40 million Brazilian subscribers are now able to reserve hotel properties available in Hotelbeds’ Brazilian portfolio.

Guilherme Bayer, Head of Marketplace at Dotz, commented “As part of our promise to offer our subscribers the best deals all the time, partnering with Hotelbeds seemed the next logical step due to the combination of its large global portfolio and the exclusive rates on offer – not to mention the technology and operational ease of dealing with just one partner.”

Jason Soss, Global Head of Strategic Partnerships at Hotelbeds, commented “We are now working with over 50 of the biggest and most prestigious programs globally, many of them in North and South America. They see the obvious value in offering their customers access to our portfolio of over 180,000 hotels, many of them contracted under exclusive terms and conditions. It’s a classic win-win situation.
 “We recognised early on that loyalty, employee benefits and points redemption programs were of particular interest to our hotel partners around the world, not least as the channel allows hoteliers to confidently sell opaque rates.”

To learn more about bookings via the loyalty channel arrange a meeting with your local contracting manager.

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