Hotelbeds outperforms the market in the US, Mexico, Brazil, and the Middle East

Hotelbeds outperforms the market in the US, Mexico, Brazil, and the Middle East

Jun.3, 2021

by Hotelbeds

Hotelbeds has reinforced its leading position in these destinations with strong results despite a market-wide drop in roomnight reservations during the last few weeks thanks to the wide penetration the company has registered in the domestic market.

The winning strategy has been built around the need to deliver the best rates and leading availability for domestic markets – focused work that is also happening in the rest of our destinations worldwide where, as corridors open up, to capitalise on every opportunity to strongly support your recovery.

The coronavirus pandemic continues to hit hard, but domestic tourism is helping to soften the blow. Many countries are also now developing measures to build a more resilient tourism economy post COVID-19. These include preparing plans to support the sustainable recovery of tourism, promoting the digital transition, move to a greener tourism system, and rethinking tourism for the future.

Jorge Cortés, Sourcing Director at Hotelbeds, commented: “Hotelbeds has managed to significantly increase its leading position in the US, Mexico, Brazil and the Middle East, where the bedbank has recorded a significant growth in roomnights for the last weeks. These impressive results have been achieved through an unwavering focus on initiatives designed to enhance our domestic offering. We are confident that our solid business model and focused local teams that work closely with our partners will ensure a strong pipeline of growth into these regions for many years to come.”