Helping you to capture more last-minute bookings

Helping you to capture more last-minute bookings
Mar.10, 2021
by Hotelbeds

COVID has had many impacts on the market but lately what we are seeing is the shift to a much higher proportion of last-minute bookings, with 0-3 days of lead-time now representing one out of every three bookings, which represents a doubling in the total share of business since pre-COVID.

With this in mind, we want to make sure that we’re doing all we can to help you to capture this business opportunity by taking the following actions!

  • Firstly, we’re making sure our commercial conditions ensure last-minute availability (review and eliminate stop-sales and releases) and competitive rates. We encourage you to review last minute availability and rates via the usual channels - Maxiroom, Channel Manager, Platforms or Direct Integrations. You can also contact your Key Account Managers for this as well as to discuss tailored strategies.
  • Secondly, we’ve enabled the option for you to introduce your confirmation reference number in our system through Maxiroom, which we hope will go a long way to ensuring a smooth check-in.
  • And thirdly, we now have the ability to send the booking confirmation not only to your general contact information, but also to an additional email address specifically for last-minute (0 to 3 days ahead of arrival) bookings. This means that we can guarantee the sending of these bookings not only to the Reservations Office but also to the Front Desk (or any other location) and help to ensure that our mutual final customers are not impacted by these short lead time bookings.

To make use of this functionality, we need you to give us this secondary contact information. You can do this by sending it to your commercial counterpart or to the Hotel Support colleagues in our Global Operations team by emailing You can also visit to enter these details.

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