Helping you attract the lucrative loyalty points guest

Helping you attract the lucrative loyalty points guest
Apr.1, 2019
by Hotelbeds

You need a loyalty scheme to benefit from loyalty bookings, right? Actually no, you don’t.

Recently at Bedsonline – our sister bedbank that is targeted solely at retail travel agents and has a mere 50,000 of them signed-up  – we’ve recently launched our own loyalty programme to help you as hoteliers boost your sales. 
The programme is called Star Rewards and was launched in the Middle East late last year and is currently being rolled-out globally. It replaces the previous G-Shop programme that was run by GTA, which has now been merged into Bedsonline.

How does it work? Retail travel agents sign-up individually – in other words not as a company or a brand, but as an individual agent – to earn points based on the value of their bookings once travel is completed. 

Once earned, members can redeem points instantly by choosing e-gifts from the catalog, which includes vendors such as Amazon, Nike, and Apple just to name a few. Users benefit from a wide set of unique features such as seeing all earned points reflected in their account on a daily basis. Users receive their gift vouchers instantly after following the point redemption process and receive a voucher code which can be used immediately, avoiding waiting time.

But how do hoteliers benefit from this? Well, as the saying goes, ‘points win prizes’. We have found that agents who sign-up for Star Rewards immediately start booking more often and for higher amounts, meaning that the true prize goes to our hotel partners in the form of increased bookings all round.
Additionally there exists a chance for agents to get extra points by booking exclusive content from specific campaigns.

Who knows, perhaps we could speak about your hotel featuring in just such a campaign?

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