Government closures of destinations: how is Hotelbeds responding?

Government closures of destinations: how is Hotelbeds responding?
Apr.21, 2020
by Hotelbeds

Many hotels around the world have been forced by national and local governments to close their doors in order to help fight COVID-19.

Needless to say, at Hotelbeds we have been closely monitoring the details of such government decrees in all the locations that we contract hotels around the world.

In each case we have adapted our systems to ensure that hotels in the affected destination are no longer showing availability for the dates that have been declared. So you can rest assured that your hotel won´t be receiving new bookings that it cannot fulfil.

But what are we doing for affected pre-existing reservations? Do you have to contact us directly to cancel these?

Rest assured that there is no action needed from your side. In each of these cases we are proactively cancelling and waiving cancellation costs for all accommodation and ancillary services (transfers, car rental, activities & theme parks) bookings.

To see a full and up-to-date list of the countries and periods (subject to revision and extension) where we are doing this please go to our dedicated COVID-19 website.

But what should you do if you need to reinstate one of those cancellations? Perhaps because the reservation is for an essential or emergency worker? Clearly in many destinations hotels are still allowed to operate for emergency and essential travelers – and you can reinstate a cancellation simply by emailing the details to

In the meantime we continue watching this situation very closely and will provide further updates on everything – including our global force majeure – via our dedicated COVID-19 website.

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