Audience surveys at recent MarketHub events reveal tech challenges of B2C travel intermediaries
Jun.10, 2019
by Hotelbeds

Participants at our recent MarketHub Americas and MarketHub Europe events – which together were attended by over 700 senior representatives from travel agencies, tour operators, airlines and points redemption schemes from across each respective region – took part in digital audience surveys about technology during the conferences. 

The results showed that many intermediaries in the B2C space are struggling to respond to the challenges of new technology and could boost their businesses by both improving their technology and their understanding of its benefits.

Hotelier Markethub Infografic

Commenting on the results of the surveys, our Managing Director Carlos Muñoz, said: “For me these results show the role that providers such as ourselves play in the travel distribution ecosystem, supporting B2B travel trade buyers to help them respond to technological evolution and the ever increasing needs of consumers."

“Through events such as these and the experience and support of our in-house IT and product management teams, we supply our B2B2C customers with the knowledge and tools to remain competitive and profitable – whilst fulfilling the same role with our hotelier partners, to connect the two together seamlessly. 

“For instance, our booking platform can have peaks of up to 3 billion searches per day, something few individual companies could cope with; so much data additionally gives us great insight into consumer desire, something we then feed back to our hotelier partners to make sure they are providing the right product, at the right price, to the right buyer, at the right moment.” 

To learn more about the technology we have in place that can support your hotel, speak with your contracting manager today. 

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