MaxiRoom: simplified extranet

The world is sometimes a complex place that can be slow and inefficient creating more work for everybody and preventing us from fully maximising our opportunities.

To cut through this complexity we need the power of simplicity. At Hotelbeds we’ve listened to you, to see how we can simplify in order to help you to fully maximise the distribution of your properties.

We know that there are many areas where we needed to simplify and that’s exactly what we’ve started doing, kicking off with the launch of our new advanced extranet entitled ‘Maxiroom’.

To bring to market our new platform, Maxiroom, we analyzed in detail every aspect of our previous extranet, listening intently to your feedback to help us to refine every last detail. So, after months of meetings, emails phone calls (and thousands of cups of coffee!) our new and improved extranet is here, and we are very proud of the results.

It’s faster… smarter… more efficient and far easier to use. Plus it’s got some great new functionalities designed to help you maximise your distribution.

So, in a complex world, choose the power of simplicity.

MaxiRoom top features

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